IT Division

With Trained and Certified Engineers and Operations Staff, Benoit Technologies LLC Provides the full range of Hardware and Solution Services to the Customers for Various IT Brands.

Brands Handling - All brands like HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, Xerox, Kyocera etc
Products Handling - PCs, Laptops, Printers, plotters, scanners, MFPs etc

Services offered
  • Post Warranty Services
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Data Recovery Services
  • Parts and Accessories
  • Network & Security Solutions

Software Solutions

Benoit is software solution provider for all IT sectors from designing, scripting, customized software development, offshore support and IT consulting.

Benoit Software Solutions combines the expertise of innovative minds with the latest trends in technology to provide high quality solutions to clients from both, the International market and the domestic industry. We are positioned to deliver rapid, reliable and robust Information Technology solutions that work. What we thrive upon is Technology and Technical Expertise.

Benoit software solutions are timely, cost-effective IT solutions. Benoit Software Solutions has been promoted by a team of highly qualified professionals having extensive and rich experience in the field of Information Technology and Software Development. We have a highly skilled pool of software professionals having experience on various business domains as well as technology platforms.

Benoit commitment is to provide its customers with state-of-the-art technology and service of the highest quality. Each phase of the project is professionally monitored to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We take pride in our innovative solutions, design, technology, installation, and service. Understanding our customers' needs and expectations is the key element of our success and continued customer loyalty.

Benoit Software Solution process begins with a plan for the application design and the architecture. We build applications that aim at fulfilling the client's end objectives. We also take care that the applications are cost effective and that all post implementation problems are well foreseen.

In simple words, it means that we do it your way. Putting our best foot forward, we work with the latest technology and create software that will simplify your operations and will be cost-effective

Hardware Solutions

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BENOIT provides advanced IT solutions to integrate and manage applications and premium services. At BENOIT Technologies, we understand technology and make it work for our customers.

We believe that an efficiently designed and deployed I.T. infrastructure is the basic foundation for a successful computing environment of any business. Our vendor specific technologies include prestigious names such as 3COM, Cisco, Cyber Guard, Hewlett Packard, HP Open view, Net screen and Symantec. Our experience in the latest networking technologies includes, Ethernet, Routing and Switching technologies, Layer II/III/IV/VII,IP Telephony, and Wireless LAN & WAN.

Our people work hand-in-hand with yours to design, build, integrate, manage, and evolve solutions for today and tomorrow. Whether your environment comprises, VA, EVA, ProLiant, Itanium system or any other industry standard system, you can rely on us for the specific know-how you need.

BENOIT Specializes in offering economical, efficient, reliable and secure solutions in

BENOIT Specializes in offering economical, efficient, reliable and secure solutions in

  • Network Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Systems & Storage solutions including SAN & NAS

Network Solutions

Network Solutions High availability is critical. It is essential for companies to have their infrastructure managed and secured in a way that ensures it stays up and running. Our people work hand-in-hand with yours to design, build, integrate, manage, and evolve solutions for today and tomorrow. Whether your environment comprises any industry standard system, you can rely on us for the specific know-how you need. Benoit complete network systems to cover most requirements can be designed, installed and maintained. These can be a simple Local Area Network (LAN) of a few workstations connected to a local server and sharing resources like printers, or a large Wide Area Network (WAN) covering geographically dispersed offices with workstations and servers, possibly with links to associated company's networks and databases which may be employing different operating systems.

Benoit provides complete solution of Networking. When it comes to networking the size is just a piece of stats for us. We work on anything ranging from a small 5 user peer-to-peer network or a 500 user enterprise. With oodles of experience to fall back on, we assure you flawless execution. We have experience with the following network operating systems: Novell Netware, SCO Unix, Redhat Linux and Windows NT/2000/2003 (Windows family)

Benoit prides itself on its ability to offer scalable, turnkey security solutions, which includes the following process.

  • Define Security Plan
  • Create network security design
  • Provide hardware and software
  • Implementation of security Architecture
  • Configuration of hardware and software
  • Ongoing security consulting services

Security is not static, it is dynamic. Benoit can assist you in achieving the highest level of security utilizing intelligent network design and best of breed technology.

Security Solutions

Benoit Security Solutions provide Holistic, Intelligent Security & Tracking products using the Cutting Edge Technologies. We have the expertise to help you make the right purchase decisions for electronic security systems. We provide customized solutions.

Provide precise, reliable and cost effective security solutions to a diverse customer base.

Supply, install & maintain a wide range of Products and Solutions ranging from simple stand alone automation systems to high-end Biometric.

BENOIT Technologies provides solutions and offerings that attend to critical security issues and reduces vulnerability to common.

  • Benoit provides periodic testing of the Network to identify any vulnerability which could be prone to Hacker attacks. Benoit's vendor independence is of particular use in this area, as Benoit is not restricted to using any specific products.
  • Benoit's vulnerability protection services provide in-depth testing of the operating systems, applications and network devices, uncover security holes that could be exploited by hackers. This services also determine how vulnerable the network is, automatically check new services for known vulnerabilities and calculate security risk etc. After testing all the vulnerabilities, we protect your application, network devices, operating systems by fixing the bugs and adding patches.
  • A firewall is protective fence around your network. Our firewall solutions are not simply of the shelf, but are designed and implemented after a complete security audit of the organization's network.
  • Benoit monitor your gateway to the Internet for viruses, worms and Trojan horse programs, which continue to cause significant losses to organizations. Our continuous monitoring allows us to update patches remotely and immediately from our secure lab
  • Benoit create a secure VPN tunnel from your corporate networks to your clients. We achieve confidentiality, integrity and authenticity for your network users
  • Our services provide you a full awareness of your network intruders. Using a variety of commercial and open source tools we are able to monitor network traffic, which identifies potential threats and allows our lab to immediately review these and respond in a pre-agreed manner to minimize loss. Thereby you can stop all intrusion.

Storage and Servers

demand for more storage continues to grow along with the need for increasingly resilient storage infrastructures to support doing business on demand.

Because your need for performance and high availability extends to the entire environment, both Storage & Servers have taken unique approach towards achieving this by addressing all factors that affect availability in your environment. This includes:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Applications
  • Environments
  • Management

IT infrastructure when designed and deployed correctly, creates a stable foundation for your entire computing environment. For this, Storage & Servers service chart includes:

  • Preparation and Configuration stage
  • Designing and Installation stage
  • Implementation stage, which includes Configuration and Performance Tuning
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge Transfer

BENOIT Technologies professional staff is well trained and certified in all above products technologies

Distribution of IT Products

BENOIT Technology is a leading global provider of IT products, logistics management and other value-added services. BENOIT Distribution operates from Dubai and covers the Middle East region through its branches and subsidiaries BENOIT Technology extensive service offering includes post–sale training, technical support, financing options and configuration services. We are a 'one–stop' solution to all your hardware requirements. Our product portfolio includes but is not limited to:

Imaging & printing products: Printers, scanners, plotters, digital senders, digital cameras, related hardware and software solutions

  • Personal systems: PDA's, notebooks, desktops and workstations.
  • Servers & storage solutions: Industry standard servers (ISS), business critical servers (BCS) and network storage solutions.
  • Networking products: Switches, routers and related connectivity products.
  • Printing supplies: Ink cartridges, toners cartridges, storage supplies and media
  • Other IT products: Software products and accessories for mobile computing
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