About Benoit Technologies

Benoit Technologies is a systems integrator and Information Technology& Power Solutions company. The company designs, sells, implements, integrates, and manages Uninterruptable Power Supply, DC Charger, DC Battery bank, Solar panels, computer hardware and software systems, local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs),CCTV,Battery bank supplier in UAE, design & installation of structure cabling requirements,Inverter suppliers in Dubai, Annual Maintenance Contracts and client/server applications as well as emerging technologies such as Mobile computing, wireless networks, remote network access/Remote control and one of leading solar companies in Dubai,UAE. Our team also develops Internet gateways, Web sites, and Intranets (Mail servers, e-mail-to-fax gateways, Telephony and e-commerce) for different companies.

Benoit strength lies not only in its wide spectrum of products but also in its ability to merge technologies to provide comprehensive solutions to a wide variety of specific problems. Benoit Technologies caters to all the requirement of customers from the large corporate companies. Providing after sales support has been appreciated by all our customers and probably it is the single most reason for our continuous growth in UAE.

Information Technology and power solutions

Benoit has been recognized as a major provider and suppliers of quality, reliability, and excellence in services for Information Technology and solar. Benoit business purpose is to accelerate the advancement of knowledge and fundamentally improve the effectiveness of people, companies and organizations through Information technology and Power solutions like solar. Benoit Technologies caters to all the requirement of customers in the large corporate companies and one of the top solar companies in UAE and Battery bank supplier in UAE.

Why We?

Driven by a common vision, sharing common values and inspired by a Spirit of innovation, our people are still displaying unwavering dedication to put the Group at the forefront of the turnkey solution providers like ups amc contractors in Dubai and DC system providers in UAE and to Maintain their leadership position in every market. Benoit Technologies is leading DC system providers in Dubai and ups amc contractors in UAE with a range of Services that spans the design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of new systems, along with the upgrade, support and management of existing systems in different activity sectors: Low Current Systems, Power Systems like solar panels and Electro-Mechanical works.

Operating in 3 different locations: UAE - INDIA – UK

Benoit Technologies offers a vast array of solutions for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that bring technology and engineering together to create innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers from individual products to integrated systems that keep network closets, computer rooms and data centers up and running.

Technological innovation to offer a broad portfolio of solution to our customers across a wide range of industries and companies.

Our Mission

To configure the best value backup power system that will reliably protect your business from the consequences of power interruptions and transient disturbances in solar.

Our Commitment
  • BENOIT will set the highest standard for performance, integrity and professionalism than other companies.
  • BENOIT will provide the best customer service at fair prices.
  • BENOIT will deliver the highest quality products and services measured by your unconditional satisfaction.
  • BENOIT will protect your property and business at all times.
  • BENOIT will always be accountable for our actions.
  • BENOIT will ensure a safe, clean and injury free workplace for our employees and our customers.

Thank you for visiting our website! We appreciate your consideration and hope our website will prove helpful to you as you consider Benoit Technologies for your critical backup power needs.

Battery bank  supplier in UAE Our Team

Benoit Technologies has gone to great lengths to hire the very best Field Service Engineers to install, maintain and service your critical power backup systems. Our field service team brings over many years of combined experience to ensure that you are getting the very best expertise when you call Benoit Technologies professionals to service your backup power system like solar solar systems.

In addition to our highly skilled Field Service Engineers, we have a talented group of customer oriented support staff to serve your needs. We are confident that you will be impressed by the professional, responsive service that you will receive the first and every time you call upon Benoit Technologies, one of the leading solar companies in uae and Poweron UPS supplier in Middle East.

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